DIY Playdough Kit – Organic + Non-Toxic



Make your own naturally colored, non-toxic, organic play dough with this DIY kit – perfect for all ages including homeschoolers. This kit contains everything you need to make 6 portions of play dough in magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple – NATURALLY. There is no toxic colorant or micas. Each color is made from plants. All you need is water and bowl for mixing! It also includes step by step instructions and was made to be as simple as possible so even young kids could help make their own play dough. –This kit will make six approximately 4oz portions of natural play dough. Once the dough is made following the instructions you will portion each dough into six and add the powdered plant coloring. It is so simple and fun! When you’re done playing you can store it in a reusable jar or plastic bag and reuse for the next few months. If it gets left out too long you can try to revive it with a sprinkle of water.



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