How Does This Work

Remove + Reuse

After your wedding or event concludes, a team of our trusted volunteers will remove your arrangements that would otherwise be thrown away. We pride ourselves on making this a seamless and professional process. All blooms and greenery are removed (unless otherwise noted)-we do not leave ‘unusable’ blooms behind. Anything that we are unable to use in an arrangement is composted.

Rearrange + Recycle

Immediately after the arrangements are removed, they are broken down and rearranged into ‘bedside bouquets’.

Any blooms or greenery that we are unable to use for the repurposed arrangements is composted.

Redistribute + Repurpose

On your behalf, the repurposed flowers are then delivered to a charity or location of your choice, or to one of our vetted partners. These can include hospice care, hospitals, shelters, chemotherapy infusion and radiation centers and more. Periodically, we also use donated flowers to host ‘flower arranging workshops’ and hand on seminars for those in need. This allows us to connect on a deeper level with those experiencing trauma or going through a difficult time to show them that their current situation is not their final destination.